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Hmong-Americans in Minnesota: Overview

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With the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Southeast Asia after the Vietnam War, large numbers of Vietnamese, Cambodians, Lao, and Hmong sought refuge in the United States. In 1975, Hmong refugees began their move to Minnesota.  Over the next years, close to 60,000 of these new immigrants made their home in Minnesota.

By 2000, more than 40,000 Hmong people from the mountains of Laos had settled in Minnesota, giving the state one of the largest concentrations of Hmong in the country and making the Hmong the most populous Indochinese group in Minnesota. In June 2004, another wave of Hmong immigrants arrived.  According to the 2010 Census, Minnesota is home to over 63,000 Hmong people, nearly 62,000 of whom reside in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

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