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Photographs: Use Permissions and Licensing

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Requesting Permissions: When You Also Need a Copy of the Image

Images in Collections Online

  • Find the image in our Collections Online systembuy button icon
  • Click on the blue "Buy" button (this takes you into our online shop) 
  • Select the appropriate option from the "Which image version would you like?" menu 
  • Make selections for file type, resolution, color, delivery, etc. 
  • Select appropriate option under "Type of User" and answer any follow-up questions
  • Select the type of use and answer follow-up questions about that use.  This will also calculate any applicable use fees.  
  • Click "Add to Cart"
  • You will be taken to an online store cart page where you can review your total up to this point
  • To add more images to your order, visit the catalog page for the other image in the same browser (your first image will stay in your virtual cart) and repeat the above process.
  • When you are ready with all images, click Check Out
  • Complete the order information (contact info, payment, etc.)

By completing the online order/permissions process, you will be agreeing to our standard conditions of use and--as long as the conditions are followed and any applicable payment is received--we will grant permission for your use.  You will receive your permissions paperwork shortly after we receive your order and any applicable payment.  


Images not in Collections Online

Complete the Image Order form to order the image(s).  Be sure to answer the "How are you using this item?" question and sign below that question (on the back side of the form). Permission and license must be requested in writing, using the Image Order/Request for Permission form (PDF). 

Requesting Permissions: When You Already Have the Image

For items in our Collections Online System

  • Find the image in our Collections Online system
  • Click the 'Buy' button.
  • In the store, select "Use Only" 
  • If you have the order number of the original order, enter it into the box labeled "What was your previous order number?" during the order process.
  • Complete the order.

For items that are not online:

Permission and license must be requested in writing, using the Image Order/Request for Permission form (PDF). 

What is a Use Agreement and why do I need one?

A Use Agreement verifies that you have requested and received permission from the Minnesota Historical Society to use an image in a commercial or public manner.

The Use Agreement entitles you to use the image in the way you indicated and within the terms specified in the Conditions of Use.

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