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The St. Paul Companies: Primary Sources: Archives & Records


Ronald M. Hubbs Papers, 1937-1997 (bulk 1978-1992).
Correspondence and memoranda, minutes, newspaper clippings, speeches, printed material, and other papers relating to St. Paul insurance executive Ronald M. Hubbs, and to his involvement relating to the St. Paul Companies, and predecessor companies.  The papers document Hubbs’ service on a number of committees and advisory boards, especially after his retirement from The St. Paul Companies. There is material relating to the insurance industry and correspondence relating to insurance industry leaders.
MNHS call number: Digital Finding Aid  

Alexander Wilkin and Family Papers, 1770-1965 (bulk 1830-1894).
Includes photocopied manuscript correspondence, some with typed transcriptions; deeds and other legal documents; manuscript and printed invitations; and typed transcripts of newspaper articles that relate to the family and career of the first Secretary of Minnesota Territory.  Topics include his political and business affairs in St. Paul (1849-1860) including his two terms as Secretary of Minnesota Territory (1851-1853).  Most of the original material from which photocopies and transcriptions were made is owned by The St. Paul Companies.
MNHS call number: See the finding aid in the library (P1921).

Books & Other Publications

A History of the St. Paul, by James S. Machowski.
Saint Paul, Minn.: St. Paul Companies, 1988.
MNHS call number: HG8540.S27 M34 1988

A History of the St. Paul, by Andrea E. Bockman.
Saint Paul, Minn. : St. Paul Companies, 1980.
MNHS call number: HG8540.S18 B6 1980

The Travelers: One Hundred Years, by George Malcom-Smith.
Hartford, Conn. : Travelers Insurance Company, 1964.
MNHS call number: HG8540.T6 T736

Four Men of The Travelers 
Hartford, Conn. : The Travelers Companies, 1944.
MNHS call number: HG8540.T62


The Saint Paul Letter
Published in the interest of those having a part in the business of the St. Paul Fire and Marine Insurance Company, the Mercury Insurance Company, the Saint Paul-Mercury Indemnity Company.
Mar. 1942-Jun. 1959. 18 v. in 4.
MNHS call number: HG9780.S151

St. Paul Fire & Marine Insurance Company, 1853-1953, St. Paul, Minnesota
A special issue of the The Saint Paul Letter that gives the story of the early days of The Saint Paul.
St. Paul, Minn. : The Company, 1953.
MNHS call number: HG8540.S2 S2

"The St. Paul, A Frontier Heritage," by Ronald M. Hubbs.
Hubbs reflects on our heritage and future -- They all had a dream, and they turned it into a reality -- Born on several frontiers at different times and places to meet different needs, still in the vanguard on modern day frontiers, these are the companies called the St. Paul.
MNHS call number: Microfilm 266 v.19:13
MNHS call number: HG8540.S27 A25 v.19:13

The St. Paul News/ Spectrum
A monthly publication for employees of The St. Paul Companies.

The St. Paul News
St. Paul, Minn., St. Paul-Western Insurance Companies.
v.1 - v.4, no. 12; Sept. 19, 1958-June 9, 1961.
MNHS call number: FOLIO HG8540.S27 A25

The St. Paul News
St. Paul, Minn., St. Paul Insurance Companies.
v. 4, no. 13-v. 5, no. 1, June 23, 1961-Jan. 5, 1962.
MNHS call number: FOLIO HG8540.S27 A25 v.4:13-, v.5:1

News - The St. Paul Insurance Companies
St. Paul, Minn., St. Paul Insurance Companies.
v. 5, no. 2-v. 10, no. 26, Jan. 19, 1962-Dec. 21, 1967.
MNHS call number: FOLIO HG8540.S27 A25 v.5:2-, v.10

The St. Paul News
St. Paul, Minn. : St. Paul Companies, 1976-1985.
Vol. 19, no. 7 (Apr. 1976)-vol. 28, no. 6 (Dec. 1985).
MNHS call number: Microfilm 266 v.19:7- v.28:6

The St. Paul News : A monthly Publication for Employees of The St. Paul Companies
St. Paul, MN : Corporate Communications, St. Paul Companies, 1993-1997.
Vol. 1, issue 1 (Feb. 1993)-v. 5, issue 6 (Nov./Dec. 1997).
MNHS call number: Microfilm 1145 1993- 1997

Spectrum / The St. Paul Companies, Inc.
St. Paul, MN : The Company, 1986-1992.
Vol. 29, no. 1 (Feb. 1986)-v. 35, no. 5 (Nov./Dec. 1992).
MNHS call number: Microfilm 1145

Company Documents

In Good Conscience
Saint Paul, Minn. : St. Paul Companies, 1986.
Employee handbook, 1986.
MNHS call number: HG8540.S27 S264 1986

Group Insurance Benefits for You & Your Family
Hartford, Conn. : Travelers Insurance Co., 1971.
Group policy booklet and certificate of insurance under Group Policy No. G and GA 697839 covering employees of Hilex Division, Hunt Chemicals, Inc. underwritten by the Travelers Insurance Company, Hartford, Connecticut.
MNHS call number: HG8058 .H86 1971

Company Statements & Annual Reports

Reports to Shareholders

The Statement, St. Paul Fire and Marine Insurance Company
Saint Paul, Minn. : The Company.
MNHS call number: HG8540.S2 A32 (Specify year)

Annual Reports
St. Paul, Minn. : The Firm, 1969-2003.

Years available:
(1969-1974) Financial Supplement
(1980-1991) Financial Supplement- Issues missing

MNHS call number: HG8540.S18 A3 (Specify year)

Annual Report of St. Paul Fire and Marine Insurance Company, St. Paul Mercury Insurance Company, Western Life Insurance Company, St. Paul Title Insurance Corporation, and Other Subsidiaries
St. Paul, Minn. : The St. Paul Companies, Inc., 1968: 1967.
MNHS call number: HG8540.S18 A29

Form 10-K : Annual Report
Saint Paul, Minn. : The Firm, 1989.
MNHS call number: HG8540.S18 A34

St. Paul Travelers Annual Report Collection, 2003-2005
Includes the following titles: Report to shareholders. 2003 ; Annual report to shareholders. 2004 Annual report to shareholders and form 10-K. 2005.
MNHS call number: HG8540.S18 A3 2003-2005

Annual Report to Shareholders and Form 10-K
Saint Paul, MN : Travelers Companies, Inc., 2007.
MNHS call number: HG8540.S18 A3 2006

Reports to Employees

Annual Report to Employees
St. Paul, Minn. : The Companies, -1963.
1963 i.e., 1962.
MNHS call number: HG8540.S18 A33

Annual Report to Employees
St. Paul, Minn. : The Companies, 1964-1967.
MNHS call number: HG8540.S18 A332

Annual Report to Employees
St. Paul, Minn. : St. Paul Companies, Inc.
MNHS call number: HG8540.S18 A333 (Specify year)

Annual Report to Employees For ...
Saint Paul, Minn : The Company, 1974-1979.
Issues for 1977-1978 have title: Annual report to employees for ...
Issues for 1973-1977 published as an issue of: St. Paul news.
MNHS call number: HG8540.S18 A333 1973-, 1978

Employee Annual Report
St. Paul, MN : St. Paul Companies, Inc., 1980-
3 v. in 1. With: St. Paul Companies. Annual report to employees.
MNHS call number: HG8540.S18 A333 1979-

Special Report to Employees
St. Paul, MN : The Company,
MNHS call number: HG8540.S18 A333 <1983->

One Day in the Life of the St. Paul : Special Report to Employees, 1987.
“The theme for this year’s Special Report to Employees—“One Day in the Life of the St. Paul”—is a celebration of who we are on the job and off, of what we do and how we do it. It recognizes the contributions of employees in the service of their customers and of their communities”. (p. 1). 
MNHS call number: HG8540.S27 S266 1987

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