Gender Discrimination & Sexual Harassment

Discrimination against women in the workplace in Minnesota history
Subjects: Social Issues
Tags: business, women


Willmar 8 Button"When Women Went Public; Feminist Reforms in the 1970s," by Cheri Register.
In Minnesota History, vol 61, no.2 (Summer 2008): pp.62-75.  
MNHS call number: Digital copy

"Decades Later, Willmar 8 are Heroes to a New Generation, " by Asa Wilson
In Workday Minnesota, August 6, 2006.  
MNHS call number: Digital copy

"In Trouble: They Haven't Broken Their Bank Yet, But Without Equality, the 'Willmar Eight' Will Keep on Walking," by Suzy Kellett. 
In People, vol. 10, no. 22. Nov. 27, 1978.  
MNHS call number: HG2613.W45 C485

"Some Reflections on Women and the Judiciary," by Rosalie E. Wahl. 
In Law & Equality, vol. 4. (May 1986): pp153-157.  
MNHS call number: HG1391.M6 W35 1986


Understanding the Gender Gap: An Economic History of American Women, by Claudia Goldin. 
New York: Oxford University Press, 1990.  
MNHS call number: HD6095.G65 1990

Class Action: The Story of Lois Jenson and the Landmark Case that Changed Sexual Harassment Law, by Clara Bingham. 
New York: Doubleday, 2002. 
MNHS call number: KF228.J464 B56 2002

Community of Suffering and Struggle: Women, Men, and the Labor Movement in Minneapolis, 1915-1945, by Elisabeth Faue. 
Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1991. 
MNHS call number: HD6519.M6 F38 1991

Equal: Women Reshape American Law, by Fred Strebeigh. 
New York: W.W. Norton, 2009.
MNHS call number: KF4758.S77 2009

Other Publications

Women in the Trades: A Study of Apprenticeship in Minnesota, by Council on the Economic Status of Women. 
St. Paul, MN: December 1979. 
MNHS call number: HD4885.U5 M63 1979

Sexual Discrimination in Employment Agencies, by Minnesota Public Interest Research Group
Minneapolis, MN: 1972. 
MNHS call number: HD6096.M6 S48

Strength, Spirit, and Shattered Illusions in the Making of Social Changes: A History of the Faculty Advisory Committee for Women at the University of Minnesota, by Debra A. Hartley
MNHS call number: LC212.8622.M6 H37 2003

Documentary Video

Two Hundred Years Overdue, video recording
Produced by: Dark Hose Productions, St. Paul, MN: 1987. 
Film documents the efforts to pass an equal rights amendment to the U.S. Constitution through interview with women, lawyers, and public officials who support its passage.  
MNHS call number: Videotape Use Copy 140

The Willmar 8: A Film About Working Women, video recording
Directed by: Lee Grant
Produced by: California Newsrell/Media at Work, San Fransisco, CA: 1979. 
Tells the story of eight women bank workers in the small town of Willmar, Minnesota who found themselves in the forefront of the fight for working women's rights.  
MNHS call number: Film Use Copy A-54

Women Jobs (Marceline)
Directed/produced by: KSTP-TV, ST. Paul, MN: May 3, 1977. 
Report on Marceline Donaldson, who claims that Pillsbury blacklisted her on the local job market after she filed a sex and race discrimination suit.
MNHS call number: KSTP-T0042-16 Available online

Women and Jobs (University of Minnesota)
Directed/produced by: KSTP-TV, St. Paul, MN: May 4, 1977.
Report on the University of Minnesota faculty possibly discriminating against female employees.
MNHS call number: KSTP-T0042-24 Available online

Female Engineer
Directed/produced by: KSTP-TV, St. Paul, MN: January 29, 1977.  
Report on Sheila Haas becoming a new coal train conductor. The industry is largely male and Haas talks about disparaging remarks and her support.
MNHS call number: ID# KSTP-T0024-29 Available online

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