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Nonpartisan League : Secondary Sources: Books & Articles

Secondary Sources

"Fighting for a Future: Farm Women of the Nonpartisan League," by Karen Starr.
In Minnesota History, vol. 48, no. 6 (1983): pp. 255-262.
MNHS call number:  Digital copy

"The Nonpartisan League and the Minnesota Campaign of 1918,” by Robert L. Morlan.
In Minnesota History, vol. 34, no. 6 (1955): pp. 221-232.
MNHS call number:  Digital copy

Cornbelt Rebellion: The Farmers' Holiday Association, by John L. Shover.
Urbana, Ill.: University of Illinois Press, 1965.
MNHS call number: HD 1485 .N37 S5

The Farmer Takes a Holiday: The Story of the National Farmers' Holiday Association and the Farmers' Strike of 1932-33, by Everett E. Luoma.
New York: Exposition Press, 1967.
MNHS call number: HD 1485 .N37 L8

Political Prairie Fire: The Nonpartisan League, 1915-1922, by Robert L. Morlan.
St. Paul, Minn.: Minnesota Historical Society, 1985.
MNHS call number: Reading Room JK 2391 .N41 M8 1985

The Story of the National Nonpartisan League: A Chapter in American Evolution, by Charles Edward Russell.
New York: Harper & Bros., 1920.
MNHS call number: JK 2391 .N42 R8

The Nonpartisan League, 1915-1922: An Annotated Bibliography.
Listing of books, articles, pamphlets, periodicals, government publications, archival and manuscript collections; includes annotations. Also, includes repositories besides the Minnesota Historical Society.
MNHS call number: Z 5075 .U5 C6 1985

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