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How to find historic records from Minnesota public schools

Administrative & Financial Records

St. Paul Board of Education members examine scale model of proposed Mississippi Elementary School, St. Paul. From left: Otto P. Simon, Jr., Joseph Okeneski and Melvin Silver. 1952

Administrative and financial records for school districts can often provide a broader perspective on the history of school and community than student and teacher records.  These types of records will often record district-wide sentiment and decisions regarding topics like: school curriculum, funding initiatives, staffing and professional development, enrichment programs and extra-curricular activities, and so on.  

You can find these records by searching the library and archives catalog for the city/town represented by a particular school district and limiting your search to "local government records" using the Collections filter.    

Types of Administrative & Financial Records at MNHS

The type of administrative and financial records from school districts which are frequently transferred to and retained by the Minnesota State Archives include the following: 

  • Agenda Packets and Minutes of the Board of Education
  • Annual Budgets
  • Audit Reports
  • Auxiliary Organization Records (i.e. parent-teacher associations)
  • Clerks' Books and Clerk's Registers of Receipts and Disbursements
  • Library Records
  • Newsletters
  • PTA/PTSA Records (Parent Teacher Association/Parent Teacher Student Association)
  • Superintendent's Files
  • Textbook and Equipment Inventory Records
  • Treasurer's Books and Treasurer's Registers of Receipts and Disbursements

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